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SHOW in Marrakech

Restaurant Chez Ali is the place of Marrakech's 1001 nights. It offers a sumptuous dinner and a memorable spectacle. Oriental dancers, acrobats, horsemen, fireworks, folklore team and Moroccan music are on the menu ... An enchanting fairy.

why us ?

You will have the privilege of tasting one of the best barbecue cooked in traditional wood ovens, royal couscous, dessert, tea and Moroccan pastries. All accompanied by folk troupes representing most regions of Morocco, then a great Fantasia, a charming belly dancer and a troop of gnaoui will close this evening full of magic.


Magic! Magnificent! Memorable! Restaurant Chez Ali is all of these at once. Over the years, the notoriety of our show has spread around the world and is now a must-see attraction during your stay in Marrakech. Our dancers, musicians, acrobats, horsemen, magicians, all live to the rhythm of their passions.

our Menus

Enjoy an incredible night of entertainment at the Chez Ali complex on the outskirts of Marrakech. Discover the images and sounds of Moroccan musicians and dancers, while eating a 5-course meal in caidal tents.

Excluding drinks


  • Soft drink only
  • Mint tea 
  • Moroccan pastries

Excluding drinks


  • Moroccan harira
  • 1/2 Méchoui
  • Couscous with seven vegetables
  • Mint tea
  • Moroccan pastries
  • Service guarantees: Yes, 7 days a week.
  • Cost per adult: See rates above or contact us for reduced group rates
  • Child rate -10 years: 50% reduction
  • Veggie friendly : Yes
  • Free transfers: we offer & guarantee free shuttle service to Marrakech.
  • Daily departures: Yes, guaranteed daily departures.


The entrance is magnificent for the dancers who make the show a place of a thousand and one nights. The dinner was too good, not to mention the spectacle which was magnificent.

Audrey Mothé

The decor is sublime, the service was quick and very friendly, the show is great. I recommend!!

Camila Dias Pereira

Impressive dinner show! At Ali's, you will spend an unforgettable evening: The children will be amazed and the older ones will certainly find a little of their child's soul ...

Aurélie Louis

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